One of the interesting aspects of making music professionally for well over 30 years is that your discography can be read in a few ways. I always imagined it as a sculpture to which I add pieces, and while each piece stands by itself (at least it should), to me it also makes sense as a whole – even one as strange as mine. Now that my music is getting a little attention (because I have a proper album on vinyl out, with a nice cover, a smart label, etc.), I’m receiving interesting mixed reactions. On one hand some people are surprised: is that you playing the guitar? Are you making “conventional” music now? What’s with the Jazz? But I’m also getting different messages, especially from people who have been following me for some years, that are about continuity, that point out similarities and relations with my past music (and sometime other people’s) that I hadn’t considered at all. Someone even suggested that Sensual Musicology sums up my musical past. I don’t know about that, but I’m the wrong person to ask: I just make the music.

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