Who knew

Sometimes funny things happen in music, and with this new “acoustic” music I’ve been making in the past 10 years is especially true: people hear things in it, references that I did not intend but that are certainly there. As usual with my music there is a certain dose of mystery surrounding these tunes, where they come from, how they came about. This is a story about one of these tracks, Sometimes Remember (from my upcoming album Sensual Musicology). While working on it I used a sample from an old recording, editing it for the melody, not for the meaning. I ended up with a melody I really like, that has an obscure meaning. It says:

Sometimes, mmm, I like to rise
Sometimes, remember

The sample was radically altered and the melody was so entirely rebuilt that I asked my old friend and very good singer Valeria Rossi to sing it for me (and record it: this was during the 2020 lockdown). When I had to explain the meaning of the lyrics I always said it was a Cut-up, which it is, and this is what I wrote in the copious liner notes printed on the inner sleeve – old school. Then the other day I realized the meaning of this text, which is what I’m going to answer if anyone will ask: this song is sung by the Moon, in first person, to let us know that she likes to rise but not always, and we should remember that.


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