Rock’n’roll, at last

Evolution, music & video by SM, vocals by Kelly X

This song explores a terrible human condition, showing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We all have lovely parents, and we’re pretty nice folks ourselves: we would never, ever say bad things about them. We know we’re nice also because there are some gutter white trash, pieces of shit, honky ass, red neck motherfuckers out there, and we sure aren’t one of them, right?

Unfortunately, in this mean world, there are some less fortunate people: the children of gutter white trash, pieces of shit, honky ass, red neck motherfuckers. This song is for them. Remember: no matter how gutter white trash, pieces of shit, honky ass red neck motherfuckers your parents are, you still have hope: just get the fuck out of that fucking barn right now!

Mi dispiace, ma questa canzone è intraducibile. Racconta della liberazione di una ragazza figlia di genitori assai antiquati, razzisti e spiacevoli. La fanciulla, dopo aver lasciato la natìa casetta di campagna, finalmente può disporre della sua esistenza come meglio crede.

PS: Thanks, grazie, merci, danke for the heaps of views, embedding, messages. You’re the best audience there is.

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