Sergio Messina Racconta Cose

Dal 14 Marzo al 10 maggio 2020, ogni sera alle 19 una diretta Facebook coi seguenti ingredienti: Una canzone, una cosa raccontata, un’altra canzone. Se qualche stazione radio volesse ritrasmettere queste dirette non deve fare altro che farmelo sapere attraverso questa pagina. Attenzione: si tratta di riflessioni e punti di vista personali, talvolta paradossali.

58 • 10/5/2020: Esserci
Ray Charles, Still crazy after all these years
Chris Whitley & Jeff Lang, Dislocation blues

57 • 9/5/2020: Startup
Zapp, Living for the city
Kool & The Gang, Big fun

56 • 8/5/2020: Himalaya
Coco Robicheaux, Revelator
The Who, Won’t get fooled again

55 • 7/5/2020: Yma Sumac
Yma Sumac, Gopher mambo
Yma Sumac, Sumac Sorate A (Beautiful Jungle Girl)
Yma Sumac, Chuncho
Yma Sumac, Malambo no. 1

54 • 6/5/2020: Viaggiare nel tempo
Public Enemy, He got game
Ja Rule, Pop niggaz

53 • 5/5/2020: Il mio liceo
George Michael, Freeek!
Prince, Sexy motherfucker

52 • 4/5/2020: Contro il passato
Lucio Dalla, Com’è profondo il mare (SM remix)
Niccolò Fabi & Max Gazzè, Vento d’estate

51 • 3/5/2020: Incontri straordinari con uomini
Joni Mitchell, Coyote
Pino Daniele, Yes I know my way

50 • 2/5/2020: Skateboard
Underworld, Dark & long
Underworld, Bruce Lee

49 • 1/5/2020: Napoli
Jose Feliciano, California dreamin’
Neville Brothers, Voodoo

48 • 30/4/2020: LSD
John Hiatt, Slow turning
Bob Dylan, It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry

47 • 29/4/2020: Milano
Madaski, A forest (Sergio Messina version)
Ice Cube, When I get to heaven

46 • 28/4/2020: Gays & me
Marvin Gaye, Trouble man
Aretha Franklin, For the DJs

45 • 27/4/2020: Musica vs Coronavirus
Bob Marley & The wailers, Burnin’ and Lootin’
Horace Andy, Zion Train

44 • 26/4/2020: Massimo Terracini & Patrizia Garofoli Terracini
Eva Cassidy, People get ready
Eva Cassidy, At last

43 • 25/4/2020: Riproduzione del suono
Chic, Warm summer night
Chic, Happy man

42 • 24/4/2020: J. J. Cale
J. J. Cale, Down to Memphis
J. J. Cale, Crazy mama
J. J. Cale, The old man and me
J. J. Cale, Call me the breeze
J. J. Cale, End of the line

41 • 23/4/2020: Radio Città Futura
King Sunny Adé and his African Beats, Synchro Feelings – Ilako
Talking Heads, Houses In Motion

40 • 22/4/2020: La mia prima playlist
Richie Havens, Freedom
Little Richard, Land of a thousand dances
The Troggs, Wild thing
Beatles, Lady Madonna
Michael Franks, When Sly calls

39 • 21/4/2020: Porno?
Elio e le Storie Tese, Fossi figo
Elio e le Storie Tese, Tapparella

38 • 20/4/2020: Smart teaching
Colter Wall, Sleeping on the blacktop
Lou X, La Raja

37 • 19/4/2020: Chitarre
Richard Johnston, Miss Maebelle
Sergio Messina & The Four Twenties, Jon Hassell Beach Bar

36 • 18/4/2020: Santoni
Neffa & i Messaggeri della Dopa, In linea
Neffa, Gran finesse

35 • 17/4/2020: Alt porn/Thaur (inadatto ai minori)
Alan Lomax Collection, Black Betty
Frank Zappa, Winos do not march
Frank Zappa, Sexual harassement in the workplace

34 • 16/4/2020: William Burroughs
Coasters, Girls (pt. 1 & 2)
Isley Brothers, Shout (pt. 1 & 2)

33 • 15/4/2020: Chierichetto
REM, The great beyond
Modern Lovers, Roadrunner

32 • 14/4/2020: Johnny Guitar Watson
Johnny Guitar Watson, Superman lover
Johnny Guitar Watson, Space guitar
Johnny Guitar Watson, 3 hour past midnight
Johnny Guitar Watson, Gangster of love
Johnny Guitar Watson, Ain’t that a bitch
Johnny Guitar Watson, All about you

31 • 13/4/2020: Puntata Misteriosa

30 • 12/4/2020: Cicciolina
Jon Hassell, Charm
ZZ Top, La grange

29 • 11/4/2020: Il Font
Little Feat, Willin’/Don’t bogart that joint
Little Feat, Spanish moon

28 • 10/4/2020: 1954/55
Dr John, Such a night (from “The Last Waltz”)
The Meters, Pocky way

27 • 9/4/2020: Osho in Italia
Alan Lomax (prod), Alabama sacred harp
Steely Dan, Time out of mind
Donald Fagen, Trans-island skyway

26 • 8/4/2020: Randy Newman
Randy Newman, You can leave your hat on
Randy Newman, Guilty
Randy Newman, Let’s burn down the cornfield
Randy Newman, Short people
Randy Newman, Every time it rains
Randy Newman, Rednecks
Randy Newman (feat. Lyle Lovett), Long tall texan

25 • 7/4/2020: Tuntable falls
CSN, Guinnevere
Me’Shell Ndegéocello, God Shiva

24 • 6/4/2020: RadioArte
Coati Mundi, Me No Pop I
Dottie Peoples, Old landmark

23 • 5/4/2020: James Taylor
James Taylor, Gorilla
James Taylor, Slow burning love
James Taylor, Little David/Mescalito
James Taylor, Chili dog
James Taylor, Woodstock (live at the Howard Stern show)

22 • 4/4/2020: Via satellite
Earth, Wind & Fire, Devotion
Prince, Musicology

21 • 3/4/2020: Nascita della cultura Pop
Bill Withers, Heart in your life
Joy Denalane, Change

20 • 2/4/2020: Sensual Musicology
Allen Toussaint, St. James infirmary (Hot blooded)
Sergio Messina & The Four Twenties, Goodbye porkpie hat
J. J. Cale, Friday

19 • 1/4/2020: Roberto Leydi
Grace Jones, Slave to the rhythm (Hot blooded)
Simian Mobile Disco, I believe

18 • 31/3/2020: 99 Posse
Aretha Franklin, The night time is the right time
Digital Underground, Packet man

17 • 30/3/2020: Alberghi
Mina, In onda
Pink Oculus, Delicious

16 • 29/3/2020: Bob Dylan da giovane
Prince, The Future
St Germain, Walk so lonely

15 • 28/3/2020: Gang
Adriano Celentano, La Festa
Isaac Hayes, Rock me baby (live)

14 • 27/3/2020: RadioGladio
Buddha Stick, RadioGladio (versione in italiano)
Me’Shell Ndegéocello, Mary Magdalene

13 • 26/3/2020: John Lomax
Ernest Williams, Go Down, Old Hannah
Marvin Gaye, Let’s get it on

12 • 25/3/2020: Congresso della gioventù europea, circa 1986
Master Musicians Of Tanzania, Sisi Vijana
Sade, Paradise (SM edit)

11 • 24/3/2020: Realcore
Enrico Sangiuliano, Durch kiss (Inner mix)
Manu Dibango, Besoka on salsa

10 • 23/3/2020: Titan Club, Roma
Dennis Ferrer, Church Lady
Rolling Stones, It’s only rock’n’roll

9 • 22/3/2020: Sound on film
King Crimson, Larks’ Tongues in Aspic, Part Two
King Crimson, Matte kudasai

8 • 21/3/2020: Kashmir
Patti Austin, Lazy afternoon
Amon Tobin, Natureland

7 • 20/3/2020: Manu Dibango
Manu Dibango, Ouana di lambo
Sergio Messina & The Four Twenties, Ouana di lambo

6 • 19/3/2020: Giancarlo Arnao
Underworld, Sola Sistim
Buddha Stick, Galleggia

5 • 18/3/2020: Proibizionismo
Joe Zawinul, Cafe Andalusia
Jon Hassell, The gods, they must be crazy

4 • 17/3/2020: Radio
David Crosby, Music is love
Billy Cobham, Red baron

3 • 16/3/2020: 14 (racconto)
Material feat. William Burroughs, The Western Lands
Bobby Soul/Senzafiato, Molto Dopo Mezzanotte

2 • 15/3/2020: Country Music
Ola Belle Reed, Ola Belle’s Blues
Jimmie Rogers, Sleep Baby Sleep
Carter Family, Can the circle be unbroken
Roscoe Holcomb, I wish I was a Single girl again
J. J. Cale, Days go by

1 • 14/3/2020: AIDS
Franco & TPOK Jazz, Attention Na Sida
Almunia – Views From A Blue Train (On Air Dub Remix by Leo Mas & Fabrice)