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Inaudito (with the name Buddha Stick, RadioGladio Records/NoveNove, 1996)

La Vendetta del Mulino Bianco (RadioGladio Records/Flying, 1993)


In these five years I have made an album, Sensual Musicology, with the Four Twenties. You can find various tracks, excerpts and demos of the album on Soundcloud.

Meryl Streep Blues (2017) is the first manifestation of this work.


Empty Bars
sonic places I like to go to


Typephase (2009)
A series of almost ready-made classical compositions in the Minimal music style.

Boleros (2009)
Fractal permutations of Ravel's masterpiece.

La Roba d'Altri (6 remixes, 2002/2008)


Olindo Mercier (track, 2004)

Domo Arigato, congo hippy (remix, Dj Gruff, 2004)

In time (Limestone shuffle) (track, with the name Nrml Dv8s, 2003)

Me siente? (secondo RadioGladio) (remix, 99 Posse, 2001)

Organism (featuring WSB) (track, 2000)

Into Roses (track, 2000)

Stiff Coat (soundtrack, 2000)

A Forest (remix, Madaski, 1999, unreleased)

Choose the Right Combination of Italian Food (very bad remix) (remix, Elio e le Storie Tese, 1998)

L'Ostinata (remix, Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel, 1998)

La Sud è con te (track, 1998)

Qualcosa di perverso (track, 1995)

RadioGladio (track, 1990)