Made at Ambaradan, Milan, in jan/april 1996
Mastered at Profile (MI) by Ricki Milano & SM
Design by Luke skywalker & SM
© RadioGladio/NoveNove
Music published by BMG Ricordi

Buddha Stick go back a long, long way, to the very beginning of my adult life as a musician. The Inaudito album, released in 1996, was the result of over 10 years of experiments, fun and music, and I think it shows. In a truly Inaudito ("unheard of" in italian) way, it keeps circulating despite its age: people duplicate the original (it was printed in 1971 copies, and sold out in 15 months), download the mp3s (in huge numbers, throughout the years it has been online - since july 1997) and exchange them on P2P networks; I keep receiving mail about it, and people that bought it back then still love it today. Inaudito was made at home, and was printed and distribuited by Nove Nove (it was actually NoNo CD 001), the label of italian band 99 Posse.

For anyone that has been wondering why would someone give saleable music away for free, the answer is simple. As the last copies of the CD were going with no plans for a reprint, Chris Mutter (of suggested to put the album online in this new format called Mp3 that I had never heard of. I said yes, without knowing exactly what I was doing. It has proven the best choice I could make: it brought good karma, lots of lovely mail and some work. I believe this was the very first album ever to be legally available for download (please correct me if you know otherwise).

All the Inaudito songs were written between '95 and '96, with the exception of Carlo da Balduina and Omnia ab uno, earlier demos ('92) that made it on the CD because I was unable to reproduce the same mix.

Will there be another Buddha Stick album? Not in the near future. Below you can find all the released material by BS: the album, the liner notes (artfully coded in html by Alessia Trama), an excerpt from the 1997 live tour and a 1986 demo.

Special thanks to for hosting this album over 10 years, and to Valeria Cevolani (vocals on Lontano Scintillante) and Alessio Manna (bass on Il Culto del Cargo): the only other humans consciously involved in making this album.

UPDATE: on dec. 15th 2022 Tre anni di Furto e Incendio, part 1 of the lost Buddha Stick second album, was published on Bandcamp by Goodness Gracious Recordings.

UPDATE: on jan. 29th 2024 Sette Anni di Guai, the second and final part of the lost Buddha Stick second album, was published on Bandcamp by Goodness Gracious Recordings.

Download full album in MP3 (70 mb), or Download in CD quality (564 mb).

1 Intro: Buddha Sticks 1'40

2 Galleggia 5'16

3 Sono stufa di tutto 5'17

4 Sovrano 4'33

5 Piazza Fontana 2'51

6 RadioGladio 5'19

7 Lontano scintillante 6'07

8 Bugle bugle 6'11

9 Legalize Marijuana 4'41

10 Il Culto del cargo 4'28

11 Carlo da Balduina 5'50

12 Omnia ab uno (et in unum omnia) 6'19

Liner Notes (in italian, thanks to Alessia Trama)