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My text Airtime, written for the book Re-Inventing Radio: Aspects of radio as art, V.A., Revolver 2008, tells the story of my involvement with Radio.

My 2021 album Still Music, archive vol. 1: radio, soundtracks & installations(1997 - 2017), available on Bandcamp, features some of the pieces below and more.

The Ear of the Beholder: 5 rules for Radio Art
(Radio • 6'50" • 2017)
Text by Robert Adrian and Sergio Messina, ORF Kunstradio.

Radio Radio (Radio • 55'41" • 2016)
A sonic journey into Music Radio, exploring the many songs that talk about Radio: Pop Culture meets Radio Art. Featuring Andy Caploe, Luca Celada, GX Jupitter Larsen, Steve Piccolo and Tom Sherman. Produced by ORF Kunstradio, broadcast on march 13th 2016.

The Reach Of Children (If We Had Souls) - Art Birthday Sonic Extravaganza
(5'15"). Text & vocals by Steve Piccolo. ORF Kunstradio, 2015.

Al Blues (Sound poetry • 1'30" • 2010)
Your computer needs to talk to you.

Ituri Good Time (Radio, Sound art • 7'29" • 2002)
My contribution for Radiotopia, a project by Kunstradio.

Gardening (Soundtrack • 13' 06" • 2000)
A video installation with Claudio Sinatti.

Il Giardino d'inferno (mid-2000s)
The radio page of my old italian website. It contains a number of bits from my past live shows, plus some special guests. In italian.

Tic/aaa parts 1 & 3
(Radio, Sound art • 2' 20" • 1999)
homage to Kurt Schwitters webcast, broadcast and CD, Kunstradio.

Metaname, digital operina (40'), Kunstradio 1998.

Pressione Bassa (10 5' hip hop sketches on summer health), Rai Radio3 1997.

Cut and Paste I, II, III
- for WSB (series of performances Kassel, Linz, Vienna) within Recycling the Future, ORF Kunstradio 1997.

Più di Positivo, con Casino Royale (Radio series, 6 parts, 15' each on Aids awareness), Radio DeeJay 1996.

Bridge I Can Think
, live performance + broadcast, ORF Kunstradio 1996.

Le Scarpe di Ferro Pesano
, di Opera Comique (radio theater, 30', director) Rai RadioUno AudioBox 1995.

Telecom Europa, Distretto est 1 (text and performance), for Horizontal Radio global webcast + CD, ORF Kunstradio 1995.

ID, live performance + broadcast, ORF, 1994.

Impossibili, di Opera Comique (radio theater, 30', direction, editing) Rai RadioUno AudioBox 1993.

Marinectric, 10', live performance + broadcast, ORF Kunstradio, Austria 1991.

RadioMantra, electronic radio show (13 parts, 30' each, and a live show) Rai RadioUno AudioBox 1990/91.

Ecco la mia voce/Here's my voice
, (excerpt from RadioMantra, broadcast by many stations worldwide) 1991.

Diretta Audiobox
, Rai RadioUno (live broadcast, bi-weekly, 40') jan-june 1988.

La vita è una curva, di Opera Comique (series of Radio sketches, director) Rai RadioUno AudioBox 1988.

Gran Vocìo (with Gianfranco Salvatore), live performance + broadcasting, intercontinental broadcast in cooperation with the New Wilderness Foundation, New York. Rai RadioUno 1987.

Il Breviario, 26 soundpieces shorter than 1', (compilation and text, 32'), Rai RadioUno AudioBox 1985.