Online Projects

Beyond Bars
A Tumblr blog with hi-res images of maximum security prisons taken with Google and Apple Maps (2014 - ongoing).

Sergio Messina Racconta Cose
A series of daily 30' spoken word live broadcasts on Facebook, during the COVID19 pandemic. 58 episodes, from March 14th to May 10th, 2020 (In Italian).

MOSS - songs about something
A small experiment in mixing music radio, history of Pop Culture and internet music journalism.  Songs (with links to original versions, covers, videos, Wikipedia, Official Websites, etc.) grouped by topic (Doctors, Rain, Buildings, Prison, Time, etc.), and presented in a blog format. I only made 30, I wish I had more time: to make each one, it takes about a day. (2016)

Missionary is killing sex
Yet another attempt to save the world: a series of digital postcards and buttons released under a CC license. (2009)

The Norml Dv8s
Some years ago I discovered a book entitled A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates. It's a fascinating object: it actually contains 1,100,000 numbers; it was published in 1955 by the Rand corporation, and for many years it has been a major resource for random numbers (any reference to John Cage is fitting here: I've used the AMRD sequences like he did with I Ching). I decided to celebrate this book by inventing a band, the Norml Dv8s. On the site (hosted by Tripod since 2003) I published 2 imaginary music tracks and a fictional remix, plus an HTML version of the million random digits, a sculptural digital hommage to this book. On the Rand web page about it you can find the original book, all the accompanying text and more, in pdf. (2003)

This is a real oddball; it's a piece of poetry made from code - html, to be exact. It was decieved as a digital labyrinth, a place to hide something into, as part of Healthy Crop, a game I invented that was simply too vast to make. This, and a few other bits that might resurface somewhere in the future, is what's left of it. Thanks to Kunstradio. (2001)