Chicks who like Fox

Maybe some of you know who Gordon Liddy is; if you don’t then look it up. I read this man’s name in my teens, on the Woodward-Bernstein’s All the President’s men book. I knew he was in jail for a while, I didn’t know what he was up to after that. Not that I cared much, until I came across some very funny news (to me). Among many other things, like being a guest panelist for Fox News Channel, he seems to be (I’m not sure, this is what I found online but neither his official bio nor Wikipedia mention it) behind Stacked & Packed (site offline) – yet another installment of the Chicks who love guns saga. But this time with a twist:

Not only these chicks have guns, but they’re proud of it – and republican (mostly from the south). It’s reassuring for all the discriminating wankers out there, folks who live in fear to get horny over someone whom they might disagree with: call it political inbreeding. (the G-man mentioned in the text is, I believe, Gordon himself)