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Dear Fosforo readers,

TypeCastI have the pleasure to announce the debut of a new project I’ve been working on in the summer. It’s a music blog, but also a sort of micro monographic magazine, a collection of digital nano-compilations and a curious take on the idea of Internet Radio. I’ve called it TypeCast for this reason: one of the starting concepts was to make a typed music broadcast, where I could truly exploit the digital network, writing articles with links to biographies, websites, books, live versions, covers, videos, resources – instead of simply converting a radio show in a low quality audio stream (as it is in most podcasts). Each TypeCast issue (out every wednesday morning) features three songs about a theme. The first two, Doctors and Rain, are already online (future issues include songs about bars, meat, feet, the devil, songs, and many more). TypeCast will be “launched” (meaning linked on my homepage and my social media accounts) on sept 9th, but I thought it’d be fun to give you a preview. It would be nice if you shared it then, and not before. Stay tuned: I’ll remind you with a post.