The Long View

One of the many exciting developments that the digital revolution has brought to Photography is Cyber-photography. I’m using this term to describe a number of different types of image capturing that happen inside a computer: screenshots, in-game photography and video, Machinima, etc. I’ve seen amazing video shot inside GTA 5 (most of it totally unrelated to game play), and I remember many fantastic photo projects within Second Life.


Xinjiang desert in China, from Google maps (click to enlarge)

Ever since I’ve had Google maps I’ve been taking screenshots. I’ve always liked satellite imagery, and one of my favorite games is to explore the planet from home: remote areas, places that I wouldn’t normally go to (like the very dangerous South side of Chicago, or the impenetrable Virunga forest in Congo), or bizarre architecture, often best seen from above. Lately I’ve been looking into the terrifying world of american Supermax prisons, some of which are obviously designed to punish (there should be a prize for the year’s most inhumane architectural project), yet whose shapes are often surprising.


California Correctional Institution, Tehachapi (click to enlarge)

So far, I’ve published these pictures on my Instagram. Yesterday I’ve collected them in a Tumblr blog called The Long View, where I’ll post all my couch travel photos from now on.