El Cuerpo Descifrado

realcore slide

I am very pleased to announce that I have been invited at the VIII International Congress of Sciences, Arts and Humanities El Cuerpo Descifrado (The Decoded Body) which will be held in Querétaro, Mexico, between oct. 17th and 20th (website). I have been asked to give a master lecture about my research on the kind of Amateur pornography I called Realcore. It will include a restrospective on my work, which began exactly 20 years ago, but mainly it will focus on how a new visual language, new digital interactions and the use technology in a personal way, first adopted by early Realcore partecipants, have become universal in 2017. Sometimes with very problematic consequences, like Revenge porn.

I would like to thank the organizers (who moved the congress from Mexico City to Querétaro at the last minute, for safety reasons), and the many institutions involved. Being an Anthropologist among Anthropologists is not so frequent for me, so I have decided to celebrate this occasion with a little Malinowskian in-joke: the first slide, above, is composed like the title page of early explorers’ accounts of exotic lands and peoples.