Of all people, Meryl Streep

I don’t know if you saw it, but I found Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech of the 2017 Cecil B. DeMille award (at the Golden Globes) quite amazing (I’m referring to the part about Trump imitating a disabled reporter). I’m not a Streep fan, I think she’s great, but I rarely see the kind of movies she makes. Yet I found her speech moving, probably because I agree with her: that was the performance of the year. Or maybe because she had lost her voice, so she sounds desperate – which is exactly how I felt about the episode. Or then again, she’s that good. So I took the audio and laid it on a track I was working on (by the way: this is what my album is gonna sound like). I needed some melody, so I sampled Roberto Murolo (immense neapolitan singer) singing Lacreme Napulitane, an old migrant song that says: “How many tears this America costs us.” And I added Muddy Waters, a verse from one of his most powerful Blues: Still a Fool.

Here’s the result, in two versions. You can have the audio experience on Soundcloud, or you can watch the little video I made for it. As usual, if you like it, please share. Thank you.