Chickenshit shuffle

I’m cooking new music. Music that has two effects: it makes me dance (although it isn’t funky but swing) and it puts me in a state which we italians call buonumore, and for which there’s no translation. This is a total demo, straight from the multitrack: no compressors, no eq, no reverbs, nothing. The acoustic guitar was jacked straight in the recorder (while the bass and the semi went through an amp). Everything is actually played live, with only two computer parts: the kick drum and the cabasa, which is a one-bar loop I played. More loops are involved (for example the second line drum part, my clumsy attempt at a Meteresque groove is also played and then looped), but they are very long, more than 10 bars. There are big mistakes, shit that shouldn’t be there is there, the organ part was improvised while recording, etc. Still, is a way to hear what I’m up to and perhaps to share the buonumore: this is what the 420s sound like. It’s a cover of a 70es song, no vocals so far.

One thought on “Chickenshit shuffle

  1. …”we italians call buonumore, and for which there’s no translation”.
    Not true. Good mood (or good spirits) translates buonumore. Indeed.