MOSS season

dancesAs you might have noticed, MOSS (formerly known as TypeCast) is now biweekly. The last issue came out on december 23rd, today there’s a new one out (It follows that the next issue will be online jan 20th). As I also hope you’ll notice, there’s a bit more work involved. Take today’s issue for example: Songs about Dances. It has a video introduction by James Brown, three very influential songs from a specific time period (1963/64), plus an atrocious reminder of the 1980s – and two runner ups, including Beyonce. There’s also a new section, Resources, with links to dances-related websites.

I really like this format, and it seems to be growing in an interesting direction. There’s a little crowd that seems to like it too. But it needs to grow, and here’s where you come in: please share MOSS anywhere you can. As a superstar italian Dj once wrote me (praising something I had written somewhere): “Da parte mia grazie, e per quel poco che mi compete anche da parte della Musica” (which roughly translates: Thanks from me, and for the little competence I have, also from the Music).

PS: A happy 2016 to you all, and merry Befana (which is today) too.