Safe European home*

If you considers how global immigration fluxes have changed in the past 20 years (and keep changing as I write), it seems that Europe, traditionally less appealing for immigrants (I’m not talking about refugees here, although the line is very thin, at times), is becoming the most desirable destination. I guess also because of the new restriction in some countries, such as the US and Australia, nations that historically welcomed foreigners. (When I say immigrants I mean people of all kind, from brick layers to professors, that want a different future.)

The result of this could be the end of the concept of New World. The US obviously no longer wishes to attract new people to populate the American dream. The gates are closed, the offer has expired, perhaps the dream has ended. While the EU, which was never a dream to begin with, is turning out to be a safer harbor for dreamers of all types. The problems are immense, but the solutions could turn out to be a defining aspect in the future of the land formerly known as the Old World.

*The Clash