Words of advice for young people

Dopo alcune vicissitudini, ho ricominciato a mixare il mio album insieme a Paolo Gozzetti, che sta facendo davvero un ottimo lavoro, e poi è un fratello. Per festeggiare questo evento (e la bellezza dei mix che stiamo facendo), ho deciso di pubblicare un inedito che non sarà sull’album. O meglio il testo dell’unico brano che ho fatto nel mio vecchio stile (e che proprio per questo non sarà incluso; poi magari una volta lo pubblico).

Other words
This song was inspired by a William Burroughs text, Words of Advice for Young People, and it contains a phrase from one of his letters.

People sometime ask me too if I have any words of advice for young people. Well, here are a few admonitions:

Avoid confrontations with armed personnel in uniform. They are not themselves, they are their uniform, and anything you say to them, you’re really saying it to their uniform – and it turns out uniforms have very thin skin. Moreover, these uniforms often carry deadly weapons – while you probably don’t.

Never get friendly with a company: you might mean well, but they never do. They’re after your personal informations, your money, and maybe your whole life. “A company takes great pain not to be an individual, and never trusts anybody with anything”, so you should act accordingly. To keep them from your door, violence is admissible.

Keep in mind that a bright future cannot be the past. We want a better world, not the old one again. Let’s make tomorrow actually tomorrow and come up with new, universal solutions that benefit as many people as possible. If you see it this way, things like the return of vinyl are frankly incomprehensible, unless you live in a rich country and have money to burn.

Beware of those who are out to save the animals, the environment, the planet, the world: they might want to save you too. For example, by deciding what you can and cannot eat, what other nations can fish, or what they should drive. It’s easy to spot them: they’re eating bad food while frowning at your chicken, in a restaurant near you.

Seriously thou, stop drinking cappuccino with lasagna: it’s just wrong. And for the love of God, cook that kale. Thank you.

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