Label wanted

As I mentioned a million times here, I’m making an album. It’s been a very long time, I’ve made a lot of music in the meantime (alone or otherwise), and I felt I had a concept (and a sound) solid enough to try. This batch is strange music, both very familiar and odd: it certainly doesn’t sound like anything you’ve ever heard, although it’s meant to sound like a whole lot of things you’ve heard before – hence the title, Sensual Musicology. It’s a radical departure from anything I’ve ever done in the past (but quite similar to the way I made my very first demos); yet to me has a lot in common with my previous album Inaudito (which includes some of my favorite music of mine – so far).

At this point I am polishing what I have, I’m adding one or two more tracks, I am starting to ask a few friends to add some parts. And I’m looking for a record label. An actual label, meaning one that is in the business of selling music to people. There will be a videoclip, and perhaps a free digital download of a song, but this music will be for sale – and if you don’t like to pay for your music, maybe you can live without this one.

Are you a label? Do you work for a record company – whatever that is in 2017? Do you know of a label that could be interested in releasing (on CD, AND perhaps digitally) an acoustic album (all bass, guitars, ukulele, mandolin and keyboard parts are played “live”) with some soulful sampling, a crimsonized version of Ravel’s Bolero and a heartbreaking rendition of Amazing Grace, Sicily meets Chicago – via Clarksdale and Laurel Canyon? Then please help: contact me and let me know.

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