Dancing for Mental Health*

Every once in a while I make new music. I’ve had this James Brown loop in my drawer for months, and now I finally managed to turn it into a proper remix. The original tune is the live version of Bring It Up, by James Brown, Recorded live at the Apollo Theater in New York in 1968 (the second of three legendary Live at the Apollo albums). The original is very hard to top – being such an exciting and intense piece of music. But at 2’05” into the song there’s this sample (that you can hear throughout my version) which is an unbelievable rhythmic propeller (often the case with JB). So I’ve used it to propel a slightly different groove. Then, at one point, I needed a little rap, so I’ve used Bobby Byrd’s legendary introduction, from the subsequent Revolution Of The Mind (Live at the Apollo vol. 3, 1971). Have fun.

* The title of a fine 1983 Will Powers album.

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