Trip to Mars

In order to celebrate the amazing life, journey and discoveries of the Nasa/JPL rover Opportunity (the real Wall-e), landed on Mars on jan 25th, 2004 with a 90 days life expectancy and still rolling, I’ve produced another part of my ongoing On_Mars video series (from this breathtaking panorama). While at it, I’ve also created a video playlist so you can watch them all in sequence. Warning: this may cause dizziness and loss of orientation.

Per celebrare le avventure di Opportunity ho prodotto un altro video della mia serie On_Mars (con questa stupefacente immagine panoramica). Con l’occasione ho anche creato una playlist video che li include tutti. Attenzione: può provocare capogiri e perdita di senso dell’orientamento.

2 thoughts on “Trip to Mars

  1. That’d be a hell of a result: according to the rule of entropy we should all speak like Antonio Di Pietro in a hundred years…