The © we deserve

Extreme Elvis is certainly one of the most amazing performance artists I’ve ever come across on the Internet. I found out about him around 2001; someone sent me the link, I clicked it and there was a picture, some links and a sentence: “Every generation gets the Elvis it deserves”. Absolutely perfect. The man, who looks like Elvis as much as anyone else, sang these trashy (but extremely sophisticated) versions of Presley’s songs while performing, often naked. The video bit I liked best was him sitting in a wheelbarrow, covered with corn, singing Love me tender while some chicken ate the corn from his body: sublime.

I’ve tried to visit Extreme Elvis’ website again recently, but it was shut by FBI for copyright infringment – in september 2005. You can see the FBI warning sign, still online. My guess is that the infringment wasn’t just in the website but also in the act itself. In which case EE could be in jail, or perhaps out but unable to resume his act. In any case a story worth knowing, and telling.

If you have seen or heard about EE lately, or you know what’s up with him, let un know in the comments. Of course, thanks to and its essential Wayback Machine, you can still browse EE’s website throughout the years, and take in all the artistry of this little known but fabulous gem of the American Art landscape.

PS: I searched some more and he seems to be still active: cool, because we certainly still deserve him.

2 thoughts on “The © we deserve

  1. Try more: search for Dead Elvis on the Tube.
    He’s from Holland.
    A real one-man band in the authentic Hasil Adkins style!